rough road.jpg

Look and Live

Heaven is our home


Water Ripples

Prophecy is meeting history!

Prophecy has been and is being fulfilled!

Knowledge is increasing

This is the Endtime!

Compare what has been expected

before endtime prophecy is fulfilled

to what is happening.

God knows what will be

He reveals it in His word!

600 years before Jesus was born

God revealed that Michael would stand.

In the book of Revelation, Christ revealed

that the 666 Mark of the Beast is Coming!

On 11/5/20, Before it happens

We can KNOW President Michael Pence

is the Michael in Bible Prophecy

that will implement

The 666 Mark of the Beast!

No one needs to be surprised.

Study and Pray for Wisdom, Prepare,

Watch and Warn others!

Because that which the Lord

Has foretold will surely be!

Ready of not...

Jesus is Coming Soon!