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About Me

I'm a Bible student and an author. I have been studying Bible Prophecy intensely since 1997 (and writing books to share my discoveries, insights, and conclusions. It has been both a blessing, and a challenge. 

It is a blessing to learn that God's word is true and that it can be trusted. GOD CAN BE TRUSTED! It is a joy to see that Bible Prophecy has been fulfilled as it has been predicted. This inspires me to live more like Jesus. But it is difficult to encounter people that cannot see the things that have been and that are happening that fulfill Bible Prophecy. 

My wife's friend criticized my work (that she did not understand), and my poor wife was torn between her husband and her best friend. That is a hard place to be though Jesus warned that as it was in the Days of Noah, so it would be in the endtime. More than likely there were people wanting to go into the ark that were dissuaded by their friends and loved ones. In hindsight, we can see the needless drownings that came about by such evil influences. But there is a danger that history will repeat itself on the eve of Christ's Second Advent.

Before answering the call to study Bible Prophecy, I was a Registered Nurse for 30 years. Thus I have worked in hospitals, emergency rooms, home health, administration, and hospice. Then the Lord impressed me to study the book of Daniel and not what people were writing about it. Thus with my Bible, concordance, and piles of history books, I began studying.

I retired from hospice in 2006 to study Bible Prophecy full time. From early morning to late night, I focused on Bible Prophecy to the exclusion of everything else. That took its toll on my income and my family. Though we cannot change what has happened, we can learn and grow.

You have probably heard the  old saying that some folks are so heavenly minded that they are not earthly good. My goal is to do the work that needs to be done without being so earthly minded that I would be no heavenly good. 

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Blessings to all of God's children

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