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America, The Obama Nation

Updated: May 20, 2019

Reconsidering President Obama's place in Bible prophecy. At the time that this book was written, I could only follow Bible Prophecy to President Obama. Thus the clock time reference in the picture on the cover. President Obama is definitely identified in Bible Prophecy, but until he left office, I could not follow Bible Prophecy past his presidency. President Obama had promised to change America. Was the change that came what you had been expecting?

Each book that I printed had my current understanding of Bible prophecy in it. I distributed a limited number of copies, while soliciting feedback. My studies continued as I prayerfully reviewed the feedback. This book is still in print, but it is not as up to date as my current book, The Day Dawns. Knowledge has increased. As the Loudcrier, I had tweeted in 2011-2012 that Pope Benedict XVI would not be pope in 2013. His February 2013 resignation confirmed my prophetic understanding. And by their fulfillment, Bible prophecies that were only partially understood, are better understood now.

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