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Put-Out The Light

Updated: May 20, 2019

The powers of good and evil were competing to Put-Out The Light. The Lord was putting His light out by making it to shine abroad to all who would see it and the powers of darkness were putting-out the light by covering it with darkness.

In this book, President Obama is clearly identified in Bible prophecy. Deceptions deceive those who unwittingly get tricked into doing something that they would not have done if they had known what they were getting into. Some folks take the wait and see attitude and smother all the light disturbs their comfort zone. They seek to put-out the light; to extinguish every beam and ray. The wise understand and put-out the light: They share it with all who will receive it in due season. Be wise, be ready! The Spirit of God is revealing the meaning of God's word so that we will not be deceived by the Mark of the Beast.

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