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The Last Church Meets the Obama Nation

Updated: May 20, 2019

When this book was written, it was clear to me that the state was dictating morality to the Church. I could only follow Bible Prophecy to President Obama and no further.

The last Church Meets the Obama Nation, was published in 2010. In 2008, I could not understand President Obama's place in prophecy. I earnestly prayed and studied and reread Revelation daily for 30 days. At last, I prayed, "Lord I have diligently studied your word, but I don't understand. While on my knees, a voice spoke to my heart, "You don't understand because you are studying the wrong book." The book of Daniel came to mind and within hours of restudying it, I understood how President Obama fit Bible Prophecy. Truth flooded my soul! When knowledge increased, I put the Bible study in print. America is dictating moral issues: The 666 Mark of the Beast is looming .

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