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Defying Destiny

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

In 1997 the Lord impressed me to study Daniel. I realized that Daniel was linked to Jeremiah after Daniel wrote that he had been studying Jeremiah and Gabriel said that he would make Daniel to understand that which is in the Scripture of Truth. I began aligning the endtime prophecies in Jeremiah, Daniel, and Revelation.

In 1997, the Lord inspired me to study Bible prophecy fulltime. This book was at the printer on 9/11/01, and I delayed the printing so that I could change the text. The printer protested, "Your take on prophetic events fit 9/11 perfectly. You should not remove that material from your book." I replied that if the book had been in print before 9/11 people would see that I correctly understood Bible prophecy before the fact... no need to change the book. BUT since it was not in print on 9/11, if my comments were printed after 9/11, people would assume that I had added statements to profit from that tragedy. Thus I revised the text to avoid giving a misimpression that would do more harm than good.

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