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The Day Dawns Seal the Deal! Do not miss the Rapture!

Updated: May 20, 2019

There are a lot of popular views regarding Bible prophecy today. Some are right on and some are idiotic. They are not all correct. My testimony: I was inspired to study Bible prophecy in 1997. My understanding of Daniel and Revelation increased through the years, so much so, that I have accurately predicted events before they happened based on Bible study. Did I get everything right before it happened? NO! But those things that I got wrong were near misses. The near misses were close enough that it was possible to go back to the Bible and compare the fulfillment of prophecy to the meaning that I had anticipated before the prophecy was fulfilled. As it was in the Days of Noah (they needed to know when to go into the ark even though they did not know that they would have to wait 7 days for the rain to come): There are things that we NEED to know today! Waiting and watching outside of the ark was not wise, but almost everyone did it! Repeating their mistake (not understanding God's word or not knowing what to believe), will have the same deadly consequences in our day as it had in Noah's. LOOK and LIVE like those who looked at the brass serpent that Moses put on the pole: Those that looked lived...those who refused to look died.

Present Truth!

This is my most recent prophecy study. It follows Bible Prophecy from Daniel's Day (605 BC) to the Administrations of Donald Trump and Michael Pence. The fourth angel of Revelation 18 is NOW adding his warning to the Third Angel's Message: Events that were predicted so many years ago are testifying that God's word is TRUE! This is the most up-to-date explanation of endtime Bible Prophecy available today!

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