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The New Testament Sabbath

Having heard of a pamphlet written in the 1800's that followed the Bible Sabbath through the New Testament, I searched the internet looking for it. No reference to it could be found. But I did happen upon a message board that I hoped would be an appropriate place to post a request for this elusive document. Eventually, I forgot all about it. After 3 years passed, a man in Germany stumbled upon my post. So much had transpired during that time: My website was taken down and my email address had changed a few times. Yet this man still managed to find me, and he took the time to type this "print only document" into an email that he sent to me. He was amazed that it had never been posted online so he posted it on Wikipedia when he made it available to me . I was delighted by the blessing of God.

One day I shared that story with a man at church. He replied, If only I had known, I have a reprint of that pamphlet somewhere in my files. Just imagine the trouble that the Lord had to go through to give me this treasure when it was available in my friend's files. But the nearness of the pamphlet did me no good while my friend kept it filed away and did not even know that I was interested in reading it. now it is available online and through this effort, in a pamphlet that anyone can access and read.

The information is so important that I frequently put in as an Appendix at the back of my books on Bible prophecy.

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